Client Testimonials

"MMS has been invaluable for my business. Their knowledge combined with their friendliness have made it a pleasure to ask for his services. Everything I have purchased has been top quality and the backup not only on site but also on the phone is top notch. MMS "saved" me and given me peace of mind many times! I highly recommend them. To find such a gem in the south of Spain is rare."

Beatrice Buchser -

I was truly grateful for all you did to sort out my problems in Moya, and looked forward to a continuing and friendly relationship with you as part of the local "collective"

John Carswell

The personal service service, support is excellent and especially you personally.

Hard disk crashs/computer problems is really frustrating thing nowadays as all you're work depends on you're computers so a fast personal service is really important.

Richard - Sydkusten Media S.A

Very happy with your service, easy communication, easy talking.  

Cheers - Renate

They are always there for me, with their excellent service, and I am so very, very grateful that I met up with Justin in those early years. Mind you, working with Apple it makes things so easy to use, but when you do have a problem there is always Justin and MMS at the end of the phone for me, and for that I say a very big "thank you".

Jean from Javea (Alicante) 

We were recommended to turn to Marbella Mac Solutions when we were having trouble with our PC (we didn´t even have a Mac at the time). We are pretty computer literate ourselves, but we still get stuck with problems that we just can´t get out of. Marbella Mac Solutions really do have a solution to everything. We are very impressed with the speed, knowledge and accuracy that Justin has. We have tried others, but no one comes close to the capabilities of Marbella Mac Solutions. We have since recommended Marbella Mac Solutions to all of our friends, whether they have a mac or not. We are very confident that MMS can find a solution to anyone´s problems an always keep their number close at hand for anything that pops up.


For years MMS has provided simple answers to my complicated questions. Whilst other IT “experts” often wish to blind us with science, frequently covering up their own shortcomings, MMS quietly go about their business. Justin´s “can do” attitude radiates confidence. Look no further than MMS.

Ian Martin

Always such a pleasure to go to you with any problems or new machines. Your knowledge and cheerfulness is always the greatest reassurance one could have for our lovely Macs.

Big fan - Maureen Cowdroy

I only used your company once, because my imac hardly fails, but when it did it was repaired within 2 days. and some very friendly people helped me out. If needed I certainly will come back.

Pieter de Jonge 

Marbella Mac Solutions has been over the past 8 years, a most valuable asset in developing and maintaing our IT systems. Their service and engagement is absolutely the best in this business. I would happily recommend them to anybody with a Mac.

Saludos - Michael

...any dealings I have had with you guys, which are few, have been professional, courteous, good value and I am happy to refer friends and family to you.

Roddy White

One of the joys of living in Southern Spain is the proximity of Marbella Mac Solutions. The helpfulness, knowledge and friendliness makes this company a pleasant experience worthy of the Apple brand. Without them I would not enjoy my IPod, Itouch, and most of all my MacBook and might even to revert to my PC! What a ghastly thought!

84 year young - John Teller

Thank you all the first rate and excellent advise and help you've given me...MMS is an oasis in the desert....I've been a mac user for years and so often needed help beyond apple help and MMS delivers all of this and more in a friendly, efficient, professional and personal way...something that I've never found elsewhere.....anywhere...... THANK YOU and please stay least for my lifetime!


I known MMS for years and I always was very pleased with the service. When they came in my house for to fix the iMac or he gave me a private class at home they always arrived on time. I never had a reason for to complain.

Herta Fritz

MMS came all the way up to me in Algatocin in the autumn of 2004. They really got me started

with my first digital camera work on to screen and all that lay ahead for professional purposes.

Big thank you. 

In the nine years since we brought Batsford-Bear to the Costa del Sol from Britain, Justin and his MMS have been much more than an invaluable Mac dealer and IT trouble-shooter for our consultancy. He doesn’t just sell you a computer and then effectively “forgets about you”. He will stay in touch, he will learn everything he can about the way you use computers in your field … and then you will hear from him whenever he thinks there is something new that you ought to be considering … especially if it’s something that is going to safeguard your precious data better … even if there will be little or no profit in it for MMS if you take-up his recommendation.

Batsford-Bear rates Justin and MMS very highly. In our experience he’s exceptional.