Internet Solutions


Desktop Router/Mobile Broadband


The Mobile internet router provides internet througout spain and is able to reach speeds of up to 100Mbps and is available to buy or rent. Use your mobile router or MIFI to connect up to 32 devices via WIFI or hardwire up to 4 devices. The router comes with internet – and various data allowances including an unlimited package, allowing you to watch internet TV, IPTV Spain, download movies, without worrying about your monthly consumption.




Fiber and 5G connections offer several advantages over traditional internet connections, including faster speeds, more reliable connections, and greater capacity for handling multiple devices. These technologies also have higher bandwidth, lower latency and are more future-proof, which makes them suitable for new technologies such as online gaming, streaming and working from home. Fiber and 5G are better suited for handling heavy internet usage, making them ideal for businesses and households with multiple users.

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