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World Wide Web

Web Hosting

The hosting of a Web Site is the physical place the files, folders and data are held, where access to the World Wide Web is achieved. Your Domain Name (e.g. www.yourname.com) will be registered and pointed to this server allowing anyone who enters that name in their browser to view your web site wherever they are in the world. Webhosting also provides email functionality for your domain.

The most important factors are that the service is reliable, affordable, fast and can easily be upgraded if you need to in the future. If you are not used to programming languages or web site construction, it may be difficult to understand what you need from a hosting company. MarbellaMacSolutions is here to help you with this process.

Email Hosting

Email is a shorthand term meaning Electronic Mail. The first thing you need to send and receive emails is an email address. When you buy a hosting account you are also given the ability to create email addresses to send from and receive emails. It is not a requirement to have a website just to use email facilities, MarbellaMacSolutions has a range of email only hosting accounts.

MarbellaMacSolutions can guide you through your hosting requirements as we offer a range of high quality hosting packages, tailored to you exact requirements depending on complexity and the languages used to construct your website.


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