January 2, 2020

Tech Stories 2 – No Backup 1143 Days !

Today I met with Lukas,

Lukas has not done his back up for 1143 days ! That means everyday when he would turn on his computer he would make a conscience decision to tell the Time Machine notice to go away. When my Time Machine is not working for one day I start to freak out… I have no idea how people do this !

Many people think that their stuff is somehow magically somewhere else or in the iCloud or Dropbox, etc. Most of the time this is not the case unless you have a made a real effort to make sure everything is copied. I have seen that over the last 30 years the best and only program that can recover everything is Time machine or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Please make sure you have a current copy of your data today. If you need help in doing this, we specialise in one to one classes to show you how.


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