January 17, 2020

Tech Stories 16 – Syncing your devices

Marife Nuñez – https://www.marifenunez.com

Marife has a iMac and many other devices, and syncing all of them can be a bit of a struggle some times. When it comes to syncing I am a a bit mixed on the best solutions. Personally I like to use iCloud for all my contacts, calendar, reminders, notes etc. For Photos and Music I still sinc these things manually and for all my documents I choose to use Dropbox. I believe that if you share your documents with many people I find dropbox a bit more friendly and a bit more compatible with many devices and platforms.

The battle between iCloud and Dropbox

Dropbox vs iCloud 2022: Best Cloud Storage for Mac Users

Are you a Mac or iPhone user agonizing over whether Dropbox or iCloud is more deserving of your investment? We here at Cloudwards feel your pain. Trying to pick cloud storage favorites is a bit of an obsession of ours. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a simple method to help ease the decision making process:

We make them fight.

In this article, we’re going to pit one service against the other to see who comes out on top. We’ll be gauging the two services on plans and critical features like syncing, sharing and security. If iCloud isn’t your thing, you can also check out our list of other Dropbox alternatives.

We have compared iCloud to other services before, notably IDrive, where it didn’t come out too well; this time it isn’t much different as in the end we prefer Dropbox, even if just because it offers greater versatility. However, it should be noted that it isn’t quite the knockout decision it would have been a few years ago, as iCloud has made some serious improvements lately.


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