January 15, 2020

Tech Stories 14 – Puzzle Master !

Adrian Chesterman – https://adrianchesterman.com

Adrian is the world record holder for the largest puzzle in the world… and has been a long time client MMS. When ever he needs a second hand laptop, iMac or external screen he always give me a call first. Even when he dropped his iMac and screen off the table he would give me a call to fix right away to come and sort all his problems

From time to time, Ill even give him a few tips on how to manage photoshop files, (actually thats the other way around) and I am always hounding him about making backups. You see Adrian works on photoshop files that have hundreds of layers and if at any time any of his files breaks he need to go to his back up… backup, backup, backup is the moto here.


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