January 3, 2020

Tech Stories 3 – Backups !

Today we saw Frank Westermann www.frank-westermann.com

Frank has a iMac 27″ 3Tb Fusion Drive, about a month ago I got the familiar call about how his computer was slow. I went around the following day and we did some hardware tests and saw that both internal drives were failing. We could not wait another minute and immediately ran a time machine copy on the computer. You see, Frank had his entire life’s work on his computer but had no back up. Once the back was completed, which took several days because the drives were so badly damaged, we were able to send it away to Apple for a hard drive replacement. Today when I returned his iMac I made sure we used a new hard drive to create a new and fresh back up. Hopefully now he can use the machine for several more years without any issue and when something happens next I will know his back up will up to date. Right Frank ?