January 5, 2020

Tech Stories 4 – External Hard Drives… Don’t trust them

Ivonne G. – Interior Design and Owner of Femont Galvan www.femontgalvan.com

Second dead hard drive of the year. This time it was an external hard drive. There is a big problem with most peoples ideas of backing up, especially if you do your backup manually. Most of the time you will take important documents, folders, photos and copy them from your computer to a external hard drive because you run out of space. In principle this is a great thing to do, having copies of your information is a good thing. The issue is, these important files now live in only one place, the new hard drive you copied them to… what happens if that hard drive breaks, is stolen or misplaced. If you manually copy files to a external drive, it is recommend that you copy them to 2 separate drives.


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