January 12, 2020

Tech Stories 10 – iPhoto no more !

Saskia M.

Saskia is one of my best clients, several time a year she drives down to Marbella to sit with me in our favourite cafe and we go through how to organise her pictures. Sine the latest upgrades from Apple she prefers iPhoto over Photos and we are in a constant battle to make sure she does not upgrade to MacOS Catalina.

No more iPhotos in Catalina….
If you’ve continued to use iPhoto after Apple discontinued it in 2015, you had to know its days were numbered. Many people preferred iPhoto’s controls and the new Photos app was initially missing features and buggy, crashy, and slow at times. Photos has improved substantially, though it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea.

Now, iPhoto’s number is finally truly up. The outdated software won’t launch in macOS Catalina, because its core functions rely on a software framework Apple has also sent riding into the sunset.

If you upgraded to Catalina without first launching Photos or finding another solution, what options do you have?

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